7 Cocktails Inspired By Thanksgiving Dinner


Women who were older, had higher body mass index (BMI), a history of diabetes, later menopause, and any type of estrogen therapy also had a greater risk of developing endometrial cancer, which lines up with earlier research. But the connection between sugary drinks and estrogen-dependent endometrial cancer was there even regardless of body weight. The authors say the results arent surprising, given the known connections, but theyre the first to spell out the links between sugar and endometrial cancer. Obese women tend to have higher levels of estrogens and insulin than women of normal weight, said study author Maki Inoue-Choi in a statement. Increased levels of estrogens and insulin are established risk factors for endometrial cancer. Interestingly, were no connections between sugar-free drinks, sweets/baked goods or starch consumption and cancer risk in this study. One possibility is that sugar from whole foods comes with other nutrients, such as fiber, Inoue-Choi told NBCNews . Sugar from beverages doesnt come with these nutrients. The study results lend more evidence to the connection between what we consume and our risk for disease. And eating excessive amounts of sugar has been linked not only to cancer, but to a host of other serious health problems as well. Research has documented the contribution of sugar-sweetened beverages to the obesity epidemic, said Inoue-Choi.

Drinks Americas (DKAM) Craft Beer in Disney Epcot Mexican Village

It showed that 20 percent of the proteins produced in a brain region related to decision-making were different in rats that drank sugary drinks from those of rats that had been given water. More health and science news Amy Goldstein and Juliet Eilperin Contractor CGI displayed high confidence about HealthCare.gov features that proved not ready. It is well established that drinking sugar-sweetened drinks is linked to obesity and diabetes as well as to increased risk of cardiovascular problems. A recent estimate put the global number of deaths associated with soft drinks at 184,000 a year. But the effects of sugar-rich drinks on the brain have received much less attention. For many people around the world, soft drinks are their sole source of liquid, or at least they provide a very high proportion of their daily calories, says Jane Franklin of the behavioral neuropharmacology lab at Macquarie University in Sydney, who carried out the new analysis. We know that soft drinks are bad for the body, so its reasonable to assume that they arent doing anything good for your brain, either. To confirm that assumption, Franklin and her colleague Jennifer Cornish gave 24 adult rats either water or a solution of water containing 10 percent sugar about the proportion you would find in a typical can of soda for 26 days. For the following seven days, both groups were given only water. At the end of that time, the rats that had drunk the sugary drink were significantly more hyperactive spending lots more time moving around than the control group. Hyperactivity is a physical sign that something unusual is happening in the brain, Franklin says. It is probably a reflection of changes being made to return the system back to its pre-sugar state, after it had adjusted to prolonged sugar consumption, she says. To find out what was going on, the team looked at the rats orbital frontal cortex, the part of the brain that sits behind the eyes. An enzyme was used to snip proteins from this tissue into their constituent peptides. These fragments were then analyzed using a mass spectrometer, which identifies the peptides, and therefore the proteins, present. This was then compared to a database of the proteins you would expect to see in a healthy rat of this species.

Spiced Butternut Squash Whiskey Ingredients: Whiskey, butternut squash puree, apple puree, rosemary clove simple syrup, lemon, rosemary. Directions: Peel and chop half of a small butternut squash and half an apple into one-inch cubes. Place squash in a small pot and add enough water to cover it. Boil until tender. Strain out most of the water, reserving about 1/4 cup. puree the squash and apple completely using either a standing blender or an immersion blender. Stir in 2 tsp. brown sugar and allow to cool completely. In a cocktail shaker, add 2 oz whiskey, one heaping teaspon of butternut squash apple puree, 1 oz. rosemary clove simple syrup and 1 oz. lemon juice.

Sugary drinks might cause brain changes linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s — at least in rats

21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Drinks Americas ( DKAM ) Day of the Dead Craft Beer is now sold in the Disney Epcot Mexican Village. Centered around a beautiful reflective lagoon is Epcot’s World Showcase. Each country features entertainment, dining and shopping unique to their culture. Drinks Americas one of a kind authentic Mexican craft beer, Day of the Dead is now a part of the happiest place on earth. The beer is being offered at the Mexico Pavilion which is a pre-Colombian pyramid surrounded by lush landscaping fashioned after a Yucatan jungle is your first introduction to the Mexican pavilion. As you enter the Plaza de Los Amigos, you first notice the darkened interior. It’s always twilight in Mexico, the perfect backdrop for the smoking volcano and the grand Mayan pyramid in the background. There are colorful carts and shops offering Mexican jewelry, Kahlua, pottery, clothing and leather goods. There’s often a strolling mariachi band making this visit an authentic taste of Mexico. “Having Day of the Dead Craft Beer available in Disney’s Epcot Center s a huge testament to our brand.

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